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Accelerate American Leadership

What Commerce Does:

The United States leads the world in research, invention, and innovation. To strengthen our leadership, we are supporting the growth of commercial space activities, investing in foundational research, and protecting intellectual property (IP) to ensure creators can be rewarded for their inventions. The ripple effect of developing and commercializing space and emerging technologies will help ensure American leadership and prosperity for decades to come.

Expand Commercial Space Activities

The scientific discoveries resulting from space exploration have created new industries and technologies that improve our lives, our economy, and our national security. Technological advancement of commercial space activities has created profitable opportunities. However, current government regulations are an impediment to the commercial space sector. We will advocate for the industry to ensure the United States remains the leader in space commerce.

Advance Innovation

Economists agree that innovation drives economic growth, creates jobs, raises wages, and helps Americans lead better lives. The United States has long led the world in innovation and technological advancement. To ensure that our country remains the global leader, we must innovate more and faster than the rest of the world. As a department, we are conducting foundational research and creating standards in areas such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced manufacturing, and self-driving cars. We work closely with industry to create the necessary conditions for innovation in the public and private sectors. We are managing radio spectrum for the latest advances in wireless technology and helping federal agencies meet critical data priorities through joint venture partnerships.

Strengthen Intellectual Property Protection

Maintaining a strong, high-quality, and balanced IP system lies at the core of innovation. IP protection promotes innovation because it permits a return on investment. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), in coordination with agencies across the Department, works to protect IP both in the United States and abroad by providing strong and effective rights, and encouraging the development of follow-on innovation. We will continue to achieve the highest quality of patent and trademark examination to maintain industry confidence in their validity and durability.

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