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Deliver Customer-Centric Service Excellence

What Commerce Does:

We cannot meet our performance targets in Strategic Goals 1 through 4 without quality, timely human resources, information technology (IT), and acquisition services. Success also requires a workforce that is passionate about delivering value to the American public. Federal agencies have been mandated to increase the cost-effectiveness of services and improve human capital management. We are responding with strategies to improve service and efficiency, and engage employees by better aligning their time and efforts to the Department’s priorities.

Engage Commerce Employees

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment employees have to the organization and its goals. The level of employee engagement at the Department will profoundly affect implementation of this plan. It is a function of two factors, feeling that the work is important and knowing that the work is making a positive difference. Therefore, aligning staff allocation and performance plans to the strategic plan is a critical success factor, as is involving employees in initiatives that improve service to the public and reduce non-value-added bureaucracy. All employees should know their work matters.

Accelerate Information Technology Modernization

Modernization of federal IT is a high priority. Legacy IT systems and fragmented technical approaches are costly to taxpayers and compound the challenges of managing cybersecurity risks. IT modernization also creates opportunities for significant acquisition savings through economies of scale. We will leverage American innovation through the increased use of commercial technology and move to a cost-effective and secure infrastructure.

Consolidate Functions for Cost Savings

Federal agencies are required to “create a lean, accountable, more efficient government that works for the American people.” We are at the vanguard of the effort to deliver mission-support services in a new and efficient way. The Enterprise Services organization will achieve economies of scale, standardized processes, and reduced transactional burden across bureaus. Risks associated with the new delivery model have been designated for close monitoring at the Department level.

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