Space commerce

The scientific discoveries resulting from space exploration have created new industries and technologies that improve our lives, our economy, and our national security. Technological advancement of commercial space activities has created profitable opportunities. However, current government regulations are an impediment to the commercial space sector. We will advocate for the industry to ensure the United States remains the leader in space commerce.

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Year in Review: Our Most Popular Stories of 2020

As we welcome 2021, we reflect on some of the most popular stories of last year. The Department of Commerce continues to work every day to promote job creation and economic growth by ensuring fair and secure trade, providing the data necessary to support commerce, and fostering innovation by setting standards and conducting foundational research and development. The following blogs generated the...

Op-Ed by Commerce Secretary Wilbur L. Ross: Space Commerce Accelerating

Space has forever captured the imagination of people around the world. Starting in the late 1950s, the United States and the Soviet Union recognized the national security importance of space, fueling the initial space race that culminated in the Apollo moon landings. China’s successful lunar landings and Japan’s impressive return of a sample from the asteroid Ryugu are part of the new race to...

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross Applauds New National Space Policy That Drives American Leadership in Space Commerce

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Today, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur L. Ross, Jr. praised President Donald J. Trump’s new National Space Policy for recognizing the significance of the rapidly growing U.S. commercial space industry and for strengthening the Nation’s role as the country of choice for space commerce. “This new National Space Policy reflects the emergence of space commerce as a driving force for positive change...

Remarks by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross at the Eighth Meeting of the National Space Council

Introduced by Vice President Mike Pence. Thank you, Vice President Pence, for the opportunity to update the National Space Council on the growth of the space economy and the related work that is taking place at the Department of Commerce. Here at Cape Canaveral last week, SpaceX executed its 100th successful commercial Falcon 9 rocket launch, sending a crew and thousands of pounds of supplies and...

Secretary Ross Visits Pennsylvania-Based Company and Stresses Importance of the Commercial Space Industry to the U.S. Economy

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross traveled to Pittsburgh on October 19 and attended the grand opening of Astrobotic Technology, Inc., a 47,000 square foot facility that will be the primary hub for lunar logistics in the United States. Secretary Ross emphasized the important role of the commercial space sector in the growing global space economy. He was joined by Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto...

Remarks by Commerce Secretary Wilbur L. Ross at the Grand Opening of the Astrobotic Technology, Inc HQ's in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Introduced by John Thornton, CEO, Astrobotic Thank you, John, for that kind introduction, and for welcoming me to your impressive new facility. A special thanks also to Congressman Lamb, County Executive Fitzgerald, and Mayor Peduto who are joining us today. I am pleased to be here with all of you at the Grand Opening of Astrobotic. Congratulations! It is great to be in Pittsburgh. I am usually in...

Remarks by Commerce Secretary Wilbur L. Ross at NTIA’s 2020 Spectrum Policy Symposium: Spectrum Sharing for the Next Decade

Thank you, Charles, for that kind introduction and for your leadership with the NTIA team organizing the third Spectrum Policy Symposium. And a warm welcome to everyone joining us virtually today. My thanks also to Dr. Kelvin K. Droegemeier, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information Adam...

Commerce Applauds NAPA Study Reaffirming the Department as the Lead Agency for Space Traffic Management

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Today, the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) released their Congressionally directed study, “Space Traffic Management: Assessment of the Feasibility, Expected Effectiveness, and Funding Implications of a Transfer of Space Traffic Management Functions.” The findings reaffirm that the Office of Space Commerce at the Department of Commerce is the best suited civil agency to perform...

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