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Delivering Data Innovation – A Partnership Model That’s Working

We are reminded almost daily of the importance of Commerce’s data for our nation’s people, businesses, and economy.  NOAA’s satellite and weather data are helping individual Americans and businesses plan future activity.  Survey data disseminated by the U.S. Census Bureau are empowering businesses and communities to make evidence-based decisions.  BEA’s economic indicators, which include the GDP, provide a broader economic perspective and inform world markets.

As highlighted in Commerce’s Strategic Plan, we recognize our vital stewardship of vast amounts of data, and we see how businesses and the public rely on that data to make informed decisions. The question, which frankly every agency asks routinely, is how can we do more with government data?  How can bureaus and Federal departments combine more data, leverage more emerging IT technologies, and develop more powerful analytical capabilities? How can we work with more experts and partner more routinely with industry, universities and non-profits to pursue data innovation? 

Maybe the best answers to these questions, and perhaps one of the best kept secrets, involves working with a smaller Commerce Bureau like the National Technical Information Service (NTIS).  NTIS established 31 data innovation partnerships using its Joint Venture Authority, which are immediately available to any bureau or department.  Our focus is on helping agencies collaborate more effectively on data innovation – working closely with partners and agencies to improve the government’s citizen-services and internal operations by leveraging data more effectively.

In March, NTIS hosted Data Innovation Day as an opportunity for federal stakeholders to discuss their data-centric questions, challenges, and visions – all of which may be addressed using NTIS’s scalable, cost-effective model. 

Every day NTIS is collaborating with our partners and focused on making a stellar data innovation model, which involves bringing the right expertise and a proven process to solve the tough, complex data challenges requiring innovative approaches for Federal agencies.  The NTIS program gives any Federal agency with a funded data project almost immediate access to some of the best minds in data science and management. 

NTIS’s data innovation partnerships are a tremendous resource for all Commerce Bureaus, as well as other Federal departments. Consider the possibilities. Think about your data, your IT systems and modernization goals.  Give NTIS’s model a try and join other Feds who are delivering real data innovations. Continue the conversation with our data science team: