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Addressing the Cybersecurity Workforce and Skills Gap

Cyber-crime is now the number one threat to United States national security. As more people take advantage of online shopping, banking, and social networks to communicate with friends and family, they expose themselves to potential cyber threats. As the number of large-scale data breaches and cyber-attacks continue to rise year after year, there is an increasing need for educated and dedicated cyber professionals to protect our Nation, businesses, and individuals from cyber threats. As these emerging online risks threaten our digital lives – including our homes, schools, and workplaces – it is critical that everyone makes cybersecurity a priority.

In recognition of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) last month, and the Department of Commerce is joining with the Department of Homeland Security and its partners across the country to bring attention to the need for properly trained cybersecurity professionals capable of building and protecting secure Internet systems.

Employment in Information Technology (IT) occupations continues to be one of the fastest growing parts of the U.S. economy. Businesses are continuing to have challenges meeting their IT talent needs and creating a diverse workforce. That is why the Department of Labor has launched an apprenticeship program to train the highly-skilled employees needed for this fast-paced field. For more information on the Department of Labor's Apprenticeship program, please visit

Do you have someone in your life who might be interested in a career in cyber? Someone who:

  • Likes to see how things work, such as taking apart toys and electronics.
  • Enjoys looking at a problem from new angles and finding a different kind of solution.
  • Is enthusiastic and can adapt to an evolving subject matter.

If so, you can direct this person to learn more about cybersecurity careers and studies at or the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Cybersecurity Supply and Demand Heat Map at This interactive map provides a granular snapshot of demand and supply data for cybersecurity jobs at the state and metro area levels, and can be used to grasp the challenges and opportunities facing your local cybersecurity workforce.

As a partner in the Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity awareness campaign, the Department of Commerce is doing our part to make the Internet safer for everyone by participating in NCSAM. Learn more about NCSAM 2018 and how you can be cyber safe at

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