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U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross Joins Board Meeting of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation


Today, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross joined the teleconference board meeting of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation. Secretary Ross and the Automotive Innovation board members discussed the Administration and automotive industry’s responses to current challenges facing the automotive industry, as well as the industry’s efforts to support domestic supply chain and personal protection equipment needs due to COVID-19. The Department has been working closely with the government of Mexico to help align plant closures and operations to support restarting U.S. manufacturing plants as soon as it is safe.

“Supporting America’s automotive manufacturing sector and its workforce is a top priority for the Trump Administration,” said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.  “As we turn our attention to the President’s goal of safely reopening the U.S. economy, I was delighted to spend time today with some of the best people in the auto business to learn how the Department can support their efforts. I also took the opportunity to thank the industry for their amazing work to temporarily shift production at several auto plants to the manufacture of health and safety products that are critical for fighting this pandemic. We look forward to continuing our work with the members of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation to help ensure the viability of both domestic and cross-border supply chains that are critical to the success of America’s auto industry.”

“As a critical driver of the US economy, the auto industry appreciates the opportunity to update Secretary Ross on the state of the industry and our efforts to help the nation during this COVID 19 crisis,” said Mark Reuss, President of General Motors. “Our focus is on the health and safety of our customers, employees and communities, and on preparing to restart operations in a safe and sustainable way.”

“As we begin the process to safely re-open U.S. manufacturing, one of the biggest challenges we’ve had is balancing our top goal of protecting our employees and partners while re-establishing our supply chain. The Commerce Department’s global markets team has been tremendously helpful in that process,” said John Bozzella, President and CEO of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation. “We look forward to continuing to partner with Secretary Ross and others in the Administration and Congress to re-engage our supply chains and re-start this critical industry. To get the U.S. economy up and running again, we’re going to have to get the U.S. auto industry up and running again.  We are key to the American comeback.”