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Remarks by Commerce Secretary Wilbur L. Ross at the Naturalization Ceremony in Oakland Park, Florida


Introduced by Brett R. Rinehart, Miami and Caribbean District Director, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Welcome everyone, and congratulations! I am deeply honored to be with you on your first day as Americans. You arrived here from 23 different nations, and now join a unique and diverse cultural tapestry, made stronger today by your part in it. We are welcoming you to our American family at an extraordinary time.

This year, we are pulling together to defeat the global COVID-19 pandemic that reached our shores, along with the challenges resulting from it. We are now advancing through economic recovery in all 50 states. We’ve seen reassuring changes in the financial markets, and in the workforce. And across the nation, entrepreneurs formed more than 1.5 million new businesses between July and September, up by more than 77 percent from the number of new businesses started in the three months prior.

So you see, we are and always have been a land of incredible opportunity. And we will emerge from this year’s challenges even stronger. You have each worked hard to earn the title “American citizen.” And we need you. As citizens, you will work and innovate in a variety of industries that add value to our American economy and way of life.

And in doing so, you will fulfill the pledge you made to “perform work of national importance” in the oath you took today. I look forward to hearing stories of your many future accomplishments.

On behalf of the President and the entire Trump Administration, I congratulate you once again. I wish you success in all your future enterprises.