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Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers a variety of services and assistance to Commerce employees and their family members. These services are offered free of charge to the employee and his/her family and include confidential counseling, depression screening, personal development resources, referral for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, live event management, and others. In addition, the EAP is a valuable resource to managers and supervisors for advice and guidance on dealing with difficult employee issues, post traumatic event briefings, employee briefings on a variety of topics, and referral to other resources.

EAP services for employees in the Hoover C. Hoover Building, the Ronald E. Reagan Building, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the National Technical Information Service (in Springfield, VA) ,the Bureau of Industry and Security (headquarters and field office locations), and the Federal Executive Board in Florida are provided by:

Vena Darling, LICSW
EAP Program Manager 
HBHC, Room 6063

Springfield Office
Nancy Pentz, LICSW, CAC, CEAP
Room 1029

For information on EAP services for Census, NOAA, PTO, and NIST employees, contact the appropriate bureau’s Benefits Officer.