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Administrative Professional Certificate Program

The Department of Commerce sponsors the Administrative Professional Certificate Program for administrative and technical support staff at the GS-2 through GS-8 grade level (or equivalent), including program assistants, administrative assistants, secretaries, computer assistants, office automation clerks, and budget assistants.

The APCP Class of 2012 graduated on October 22, 2012.

The new Administrative Professional Online Certificate Program will be offered online only beginning April 23, 2013 in the Commerce Learning Center. Interested participants may go to the OHRM Training and Development website for more information on how to register.

This 12-month developmental program is open to all DOC employees at the GS-2 through GS-8 level (or equivalent) in the Washington, D. C. Metropolitan Area.

  • Provides the opportunity to assess developmental strengths and needs in relation to the outlined program curriculum.
  • Designed to build a cadre of highly skilled and knowledgeable support staff poised to provide administrative and technical expertise in the accomplishment of the work performed throughout the organization.
The program includes development experiences and formal training with a blended approach of instructor-led combined with online courses.
General Information Activities
  • Grades GS-2 through GS-8 level (or equivalent)
  • 12 Months Duration
  • Maximum of 60 participants
  • Competencies Addressed
    • Leadership Support
    • Communication
    • Customer Service
    • Computer/Technology Skills
  • Instructor-led classes
  • Online classes
  • Networking activities
  • Team building
  • Progress review meetings
  • Blended Learning

Meet the class participants:

For more information, please email Julia Law at jlaw@doc.gov.