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Performance management handbook (appraisal)

The Appraisal Section of this handbook will provide you with the legal and regulatory requirements as well as information on the performance planning process, monitoring employee performance, relationships between other personnel actions and deficient performance. 

Chapter 1 Legal Requirements and Authorities
Chapter 2 Definitions
Chapter 3 Coverage
Chapter 4 Roles and Responsibilities
Chapter 5 Performance Management Process
Chapter 6 Timetable of Performance Management Activities
Chapter 7 Linking Performance Plans to Organizational Goals
Chapter 8 Monitoring Employee Performance
Chapter 9 Evaluating Employee Performance
Chapter 10 Interim Rating Process
Chapter 11 Relationship of Performance Appraisal to other Personnel Actions
Chapter 12 Deficient Performance
Chapter 13 Reduction-in-Force
Chapter 14 Recordkeeping
Appendix A Generic Performance Standards
Appendix B Performance Management Feedback section identifies the two types of feedback informal and formal and gives some helpful hints on how to give constructive feedback.
Appendix C Performance Management Training

If you have any questions on the contents of this Handbook, contact your servicing human resources office.