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Citation for Certificate


Provide a certificate citation list for Gold Medal and Silver Medal nominees in the following order and format (12pt. Times New Roman):

Honor Awards
Bureau Name — Bold, Upper Case

Certificate Citations

(For all citations, the nominee(s) name appears in BOLD on the first line, with the certificate citation on the second line).

  • Individual Awards (Gold)
  • Individual Awards (Silver)
  • Group Awards (Gold)
  • Group Awards (Silver)
  • Organizational Awards (Gold)
  • Organizational Awards (Silver)



Individual Awards (Gold)

David E. Galdi
For redesigning the MAF/TIGER systems into a single modernized national database.

Taner Yildirim
For scientific breakthroughs in the creation and characterization of nano-structured materials for safe and efficient solid-state hydrogen storage

Individual Awards (Silver)

Edward DeMartini
For developing analyses using visual survey methods, and not physical specimens to assess the health of central Pacific coral reef fist communities.

Anne L. Plant
For leadership of NIST's program in Quantitative Cell Biology, a multi-disciplinary and collaborative effort.


Group Awards (Gold)

Mark Nelson
Carl Newman
Joseph Klippel
Peter Siegel
Joseph Bishop
Tom Shepherd
James Barr
Terry Lynch
William Olney
James McFadden

For the heroic actions of the crew of the P-3 in handling a catastrophic in-flight failure, thus safely returning the aircraft/crew to base.

Wodajeneh Cherinet
Jay P. Lucas
Donald Levin
William T. Stryjewski

For implementation of the EFS-Web electronic filing system and exceeding the FY 2006 Strategic Electronic Filing Goal.

Group Awards (Silver)

David P. Pappas
Anthony B. Kos

For the creation of a revolutionary new magnetic scanner to greatly enhance forensic analysis of magnetic tapes by the FBI.

Organizaitonal Awards (Silver)

NOAA's National Hydropower Team
For unprecedented leadership in improving fish passage to ensure sustainability of fish populations and habitat affected by hydropower facilities.

Trade Remedy Compliance Staff
For achieving fair treatment and preserving markets for U.S. exporters in foreign trade remedy actions through excellence in monitoring and advocacy.